Baronets Diary April 2016

Written By - Sir Richard Ranulph FitzHerbert, 9th Baronet.

Welcome To The Baronets Diary April 2016

Herbert's Hollow.

An approach from three ladies with a passion for the outdoors and flora and fauna led to Fiona and I officially 'opening' a new facility in the village called Herbert's Hollow. In conjunction with Tissington Kindergarten the Tanglewood Trio have taken over the old ash tip in the centre of our community to use as a learning centre for woodlands’ courses for youngsters. The area has for centuries been the place where villagers have dumped their ash from their log fires but with central-heating (nearly) installed in most properties this practice has ceased. Through structured sessions the children will clear the brambles, reveal the indigenous snowdrops and daffodils and generally tidy up the plot whilst learning outdoor skills. We are thrilled as are the village and further information can be sought from the Kindergarten on 01335350123..

William, FitzHerbert

Back in 1997 I loaned the portrait of my ancestor William, FitzHerbert as a young boy to an exhibition at Lords’ Cricket Ground in London for the centenary anniversary of England v Australia test matches. The reason why was that the painting depicts William as a boy in 1720 with a cricket bat. This summer I am delighted to announce that I have been asked to loan three paintings to an exhibition to be hung at Derby Museum. Entitled The Grand Tour the show will run in the city from March through to September with an array of exhibits showing how our ancestors toured Europe in the 18th century. The FitzHerbert of the time (another William) went on his travels with his great friend Cavendish from Chatsworth (the subsequent 4th Duke) and enjoyed many a merry time in Florence, Rome and Paris amongst other destinations. The show is well worth a visit..

It Took 25 Yrs !!

It has taken me 25 years to finish the job. The Lime Avenue that is situated between the A515 and the village itself was planted in 1971 by my late Uncle. In 1991, after taking exhaustive advice from foresters and others I undertook to take out the 60 odd trees that formed the 19th Century Avenue planted by my ancestors. At the time (in 1991) I left five trees at the entrance to the village as a ‘sop’ to the conservationists and finally in February I gained the necessary consents and consigned those five limes to the great forest in the sky. Admittedly I had my doubts but the end result has meant more light to the younger trees and a cracking view south toward Ashbourne. I had hoped to use the timber for the log burners in the Hall but as most will know lime logs ‘smolders rather than burn’. My next Avenue will be made of beech!.

Royal Shrovetide Football

The annual melee in Ashbourne over Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday brought with it a rather unusual incident this year. With the town taken over for the Royal Shrovetide Football game there were hordes of people assembled along the streets either playing or observing the game. Part of the fun is that between bursts of action it is recommended that both players and spectators retire to local hostelries to recharge batteries before taking on the next stint. One such interlude meant that it was Tissington under agent turn to buy the round of drinks for our party. Without any handy cash, he sought out the Barclays ATM on the High Street only to have his oncoming cash (from the machine) whisked away from his grasp by the marauding hug of Shrovetide stalwarts complete with the ball in their moving morass. With the notes (of real cash) consigned to history, Hamish’s subsequent entreaty of a call centre in India proved to no avail as the vagaries of the game went totally misunderstood. Despite protestations to the Committee the incident was consigned to the ‘hazards of Shrovetide ‘file. Be warned next year if you too need cash in a hurry as the Hug approaches. For information it was a busy game this year with a goal each for the Uppards and the Downards..

Wedding Open Day

The arrival of our new Marquee ready for our first nuptials of the year in early April is an exciting project. Swapping the structure for a Pagoda styled tent from Top Marques we are pleased to announce that we are to host thirty such events this season. In order to launch our new space we are holding a Wedding Open Day at Tissington on Sunday 24 April between 11 and 3pm. With an in-house magician, disc jockey and live string quartet the day is open to all prospective couples and entrance is free. We look forward to welcoming you on that Sunday afternoon. .

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