Baronets Diary March 2016

Written By - Sir Richard Ranulph FitzHerbert, 9th Baronet.

Welcome To The Baronets Diary March 2016

The Great Interior Design Challenge.

A television show that was recorded in and around the village last April was finally shown on BBC2 in February. The show called The Great Interior Design Challenge showed four 'wannabeee' young designers using their skills to transform individual rooms at four separate cottages in Tissington. The format of the show takes the initial twenty contestants to a final foursome as the Judges 'vote off' the worst performing ones each week. So far after four episodes I do not know if the winner of our show gets to the final but it’s fun watching them rejigger rooms that have not been touched for several years and the four Householder’s reactions to the designer’s new colour schemes are well worth looking out for.

Views From The Train

I do not take the train from Matlock to Derby often but circumstances meant that owing to District Council commitments and other appointments I recently started and finished my London trip at the rather fine Matlock station. One of the things that most struck me as we cruised aside the Derwent through Matlock Bath , Whatstandwell, and onto Ambergate was the amount of ivy that had ascended the rail side trees (mainly ash and sycamore) along the way. One of my constant battles on the Estate as we walk the dogs is to cut through ivy strands around our woodland trees. I fear that the battle against this growth will take some time and a considerable amount of sharpened cudgels! Incidentally all the trains were perfectly on time.

Excursions 2016

Another trip to London in respect of Derbyshire promotion but this time by car as Fiona and I transported leaflets, brochures , banners and Renishaw Sparkling wine to the Alexandra Palace in North London  to exhibit at Excursions 2016. The event pulls in hundreds of coach tour operators and attractions as we all promote our tourism offers. This year we joined up with Renishaw Hall and The Heights of Abraham on a stand and were pleasantly surprised with the amount of interest that we gained. Using the superb sparkling brew (now stocked at all good Waitrose stores) as a draw we notched up over 300 invaluable coach operator contacts during the day. I had never been to Ally Pally before but it's well worth a visit if only to see the fabulous views of the city from its lofty perch above the metropolis.


Village Preservation Society

The recent planning applications submitted on several sites at Doveridge have been well covered in the local press. As part of the submission by the Village Preservation Society in response to one of the applications for 40 odd houses near the centre of the Village was a collated history from the early 1700s which included a reference to the Rev John FitzHerbert. It was he who, under a Parliamentary Act, exchanged various holdings in the parish with the local squire Henry Cavendish, later the Baron Waterpark, in 1778(and after whom the local pub The Cavendish Arms was named). The planning application was recommended for approval by the District Council Officers and, as a member of the Committee, I voted alongside my colleagues to pass it. How ironic that after 250 years a member of our family was deliberating once again over the future of that corner of this delightful village.

Clean For The Queen

By the time you read this column I trust that all my readers whether in Derbyshire itself or around the Country will have taken part in the initiative that is ‘Clean for the Queen.’ As part of a campaign to clear up Britain in time for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday we are officially encouraged to clear up and tidy our own special parts of the country. Having organized our small community in our own litter-pick last year (and collected over 50 bags of roadside litter and detritus) I will once again be leading our team between the 4 and 6 March. I know that word is spreading about this collaborative campaign.

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