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Baronets Diary July 2015 - Features Include, Tatler Photoshoot News, Culland Hall Fair and more..

It has taken over 33 years for me to finally reappear in the national magazine Tatler. In the July edition Fiona and I have been photographed alongside our cats in a feature entitled ‘Top Cats’. In fact Mr. Norris, Mrs. Hudson and ourselves are centre spread of this august publication dating back to 1901. The piece is more fun than serious prose and highlights the amazing dexterity and agility of our feline friends. My previous appearance was way back in 1982 in the Bystander section when I partied away in London at some swaggering social function. To celebrate their new found fame the fearless felines presented us the morning following publication with a huge rat at the bottom of our stairs.Fortunately for us the rodent had already been dispatched.......

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Baronets Diary June 2015 - Features Include, New Derbyshire Sheriff, Herberts Tea Rooms and more

Oliver Stephenson is our new High Sheriff of Derbyshire for the year 1915/16.At a glittering ceremony in the Derby Law Courts on St Mary’s Gate Olly was installed as our holder of this great honour. With over sixty family and friends in court it was in sharp contrast to my previous appearance before the beak in Warrington where I was in the dock charged with various speeding offences. Olly was geared up in his stunning regalia and proceeded to make the most amusing speech about his yearlong imminent tenure to the enchanted crowd. The office of High Sheriff is the oldest secular Office in the United Kingdom after the Crown and dates from Saxon times. Although his and Fiona’s diary is full to brimming with invitations Olly is adding a new string to the position’s bow with the first High Sheriff Twitter account…..follow him @DerbyshireHS . It will amuse you......

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Baronets Diary May 2015 - Features Include, Derby Radio Appearance, £100 Grants and more

I had not been asked to appear on Radio Derby for a while so it was with trepidation that I ventured forward one morning to appear on the breakfast show with presenter Ian Skye. I was one of the ‘Loudmouths’ alongside the charming Professor Cecile Wright from Nottingham University and we were asked to pontificate on two differing subjects namely the situation in the Falkland Islands and smoking outside hospitals. The portion of the show lasted an hour and we were interrupted with listeners calling in. Somehow I managed to also speak about my television appearances on Top Of The Pops in the 80s between our discussions and I trust I may be invited again. Listen out on BBC Radio Derby for my next appearance......

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