Tissington Hall Personal Tour

Personal Tour & Tea with Sir Richard Fitzherbert

Invitation to View – Personal Tour & Tea with Sir Richard FitzHerbert

Back by popular demand, in addition to our public opening dates we are again taking part in the Invitation to View scheme www.invitationtoview.co.uk.

Take a tour with Sir Richard FitzHerbert around his historic family home. The opportunity to hear about this fascinating property and its rich history from the baronet himself is not to be missed!


Personal Tour Dates for 2019

Monday 4th March

Monday 11th March

Monday 15th April

Monday 29th April

Monday 9th September

All tours begin at 2.00pm and includes refreshments on arrival in the 3000 volumed library.

For tickets priced at £22.50 please email events@tissingtonhall.co.uk

Norh H - Bristol, England - Oct 2018

No imposing and haughty grandeur here, just an enchanting family home of the ‘stately’ kind. This unique and endearing Jacobean Mansion house, nestling in its very own picturesque village is an absolute must for those who prefer a personal and more intimate look into the past and its treasures. True, it’s not as big as a lot of stately homes but with 61 rooms, 48 chimneys and a window cleaning bill of over £700 it’s certainly big enough for me!

This was a special treat for my husbands 70th birthday and we were delighted to have Sir Richard as our guide. You’ll get no boring history lesson on this tour, just a fascinating and sometimes funny, glimpse into a well loved family home and it’s long and interesting past: mixed in, of course with lots of historic facts and Sir Richards’s insights into the problems inherent in the running and maintaining a beautiful but large house and it’s gardens, while keeping an eye on the whole village, all of which he inherited, totally unexpectedly, from an uncle when he was 24!

His obvious delight in his home and it’s history shone through to make this one visit we will remember for a long time and his habit of picking up an item, giving it a quick dust with his hanky, then telling us all about its history, we found particularly endearing.

Our tour ended in the library, where we enjoyed a scrumptious cream tea with Sir Richard, who true to form kept us entertained with many a tale of the happenings at Tissington. It was a truly memorable afternoon: well, I ask you, in how many of England’s stately homes do you get to take tea with the ‘Lord of the Manor’ who also also pours the tea and hands around the cakes?

Review Via Tripadvisor

An excellent experience with some marvellous family tales !!

My wife and I drove through the village the day before and were blown away by how beautiful it was so the following day we opted to take a guided tour around the Tissington Hall family home of Sir Richard Fitzherbert.

We love castles and stately homes especially old family residences. Even better are those that are still inhabited by the family themselves so this I thought Sirtainly Fitz the bill!

We had a guide Brian who was not only very knowledgeable but also had a great, wicked sense of humour!

Immediately prior to our guided tour whilst we were queuing in the entrance foyer, a very tall upright gentleman came out to talk with us and the lady at the desk about the poor state of the grass there due to the extremely dry conditions and generally just chat with us prior to our tour. This gentleman was Sir Richard himself and the lady on the desk told us he actually conducts tours of the Hall himself and is a very accomplished tour guide. Well I suppose he might well be as he knows the house like it was his own!!!

I won't spoil the tour for you but rather tell you it is an excellent experience with some marvellous and sad family tales, intriguing history and beautiful furniture, paintings and artefacts. Most Haunted have even visited and spent the night there... again I'll leave that till you go there yourselves. Worth every penny of the £10 entry fee.

I will go again for sure but only if I could have Sir Richard as my tour guide. I should like to ask him more about........... that would be telling! Totally loved the afternoon.

Gazzaman69 Review Via Tripadvisor - Sept 2018


Feedback From An American Visitor - June 2016

My husband and I attended a tour given by SIr Richard Fitzherbert on Tuesday, June 7th at Tissington Hall and I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed it.

We both found it absolutely charming and delightful that the tour was given by Sir Richard himself. I wonder if there isn't a HUGE opportunity with American visitors... We live in the greater NY area and have several friends (living in the city and under 40!) who view Downton Abbey as a religion and I feel like they would all have been in heaven at Tissington having tea and cake with the owner of the estate.

In fact, next year, I may try to bring some of them! (We come to the Peak District every year, we used to own a vacation home in Bakewell before we moved to the US -- I am American and my husband is British). Anyway, if you do ever start doing a B&B in the room that you current let out to brides on their wedding day do let us know. We'll be the first guests to sign up.

Also, best of luck to Sir Richard in the campaign for a car park (I am still horrified that you can't have one) and keep Tissington up for future generations. And thank you for the opportunity to view your beautiful Hall and home.

Warm Regards, Kate & Richard Woods


Feedback From Glenfield Group - June 2016

Dear Sir Richard,

Just a line to thank you for showing our members your delightful home on Wednesday. 

Despite the worst the weather could throw at us it didn't spoil the day.

All the members went away saying they had really enjoyed the visit (and some wet weather retail therapy in Ashbourne prior to the visit helped!).

I am sure some of us will return later in the year for your 'Tales of Enchantment'.

Attached are some of the photographs I (and you) took on the day, which are now on the 'events' page of our website.

Gill Tapping


Glenfield U3A - June 2016

Dear Sir Richard,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our recent trip with other members of the Glenfield U3a the other week. I have been to many stately homes but can't remember much about any of them but your talk and tour brought your home to life and thus made it easier to recall all that we saw. .

Linda Williams


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"Tissington village is really lovely. It's got a village pond with crazy wandering ducks, a olde worlde sweet & antique shop & a superb butchers amongst others. The Hall is beautiful & you can potter around the village, visit the Hall or go on the Tissington trail. Well worth a visit if you are in the Buxton area."

Tripadvisor Review 2015