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Personal Tours with Sir Richard FitzHerbert 2024

Tissington Hall is a historic Jacobean mansion located in the picturesque village of Tissington in Derbyshire, England. The hall has been the home of the FitzHerbert family for over 400 years. Sir Richard FitzHerbert, the current Baronet, often provides personal tours of this magnificent property. Here’s what a personal tour with Sir Richard might entail:
Arrival and Welcome
Welcome by Sir Richard: Upon arrival, you are greeted by Sir Richard FitzHerbert himself. His warm welcome sets the tone for an engaging and informative tour.
Historical Introduction: Sir Richard provides a brief history of Tissington Hall, detailing its construction in 1609 by Francis FitzHerbert, and the evolution of the estate over centuries.
Exterior and Gardens
Architectural Overview: Sir Richard walks you around the exterior, highlighting the Jacobean architecture, the beautifully maintained gardens, and the impressive front façade.
Garden Tour: The gardens are a blend of formal and informal styles. You might explore the herbaceous borders, rose garden, and the newly restored Edwardian garden. Sir Richard shares stories about the design and the efforts to preserve its historical integrity.
Interior Tour
Great Hall: The tour usually begins in the Great Hall, a grand space with a large fireplace, portraits of ancestors, and suits of armor. Sir Richard shares anecdotes about his ancestors and the hall’s history.
Dining Room: This room showcases fine china, silverware, and family portraits. Sir Richard explains the significance of various items and the role the room played in the family's social life.
Drawing Room: Filled with antique furniture and art, Sir Richard discusses the collection and the room's use for entertaining guests.
Library: The library holds an extensive collection of books and is a treasure trove of knowledge. Sir Richard might share some interesting books and manuscripts from the collection.
Unique Features
Secret Passages: Tissington Hall has a few hidden features, including secret passages and priest holes. Sir Richard might reveal these intriguing aspects, sharing tales of their use during times of religious persecution.
Well Dressing Tradition: Sir Richard explains the unique tradition of well dressing, for which Tissington is famous. He might discuss the process and its historical significance.
Personal Stories
Family Anecdotes: Throughout the tour, Sir Richard shares personal stories and insights about his family's history, their connection to the estate, and his own experiences growing up at Tissington Hall.
Q&A and Conclusion
Interactive Session: The tour often concludes with a Q&A session where you can ask Sir Richard questions about the hall, his family, or anything that piqued your interest during the tour.
Final Thoughts: Sir Richard bids you farewell, often with an invitation to explore the village of Tissington and its charming surroundings.
Practical Information
Booking: Tours with Sir Richard FitzHerbert are typically arranged by appointment. It's advisable to book in advance as these personal tours can be quite popular.
Duration: A personal tour usually lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours, but this can vary depending on the depth of your interest and the level of detail Sir Richard provides.
Refreshments: Enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake during the Q&A session
Experiencing Tissington Hall with Sir Richard FitzHerbert offers a unique and personal glimpse into the history and heritage of this remarkable estate.
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